Premier Psychiatry Center | Diagnostic Testing Services
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Diagnostic Testing Services

We provide special services, including diagnostic testing services, therapy, and medication management.

Psychoeducational Testing

Some children, even those who are considered “gifted,” have difficulty learning. The cause may be uneven sets of cognitive abilities. Our clinical psychologist performs a battery of learning tests to assess the child’s strengths and weaknesses. Using educational assessments, the psychologist determines how to best teach the child and if the child requires special learning accommodations.

Emotional Testing

Our psychiatrists and our clinical staff will perform emotional testing for children, adolescents and adults to determine the cause of emotional and behavioral issues, such as depression and anxiety. Emotional testing helps the individual and their family better understand the problems they are facing.

Developmental Testing

The psychiatrists at the Center will evaluate infants and toddlers to determine developmental abilities. These tests help parents understand if their children are progressing through normal development or may need assistance in various areas.

Short and Long Term Models of Testing

Our clinical psychologist, psychiatrist and psychologist provide the appropriate therapy for adults, children, family and couples. Each person, couple or family has their individual problems. We listen to our patients and tailor sessions for them.

Medication Management

FDA-approved medications for certain mental disorders are prescribed when needed and the patient is kept under close supervision of psychiatrists in our Ashburn, Virginia center. Medication can reduce distress and promote adjustment to certain stressful situations. Medications are often combined with psychotherapy for emotional and mental disorders